Breakup Advice: What Not To Do

Often, a breakup will bring out the worst in people. But rather than your ex seeing you hurt or getting a too close look at your vindictive side, you should instead try to focus on the positives of a breakup. Before you send off that two page long text message about why your ex is going to regret ending your relationship or before you egg their car, take a minute to read this breakup advice and save yourself the pain, humiliation and heartache.

Breakup Advice For Grownups

Every person will process the end of a relationship differently, but if your goal is to move on and accept it, then there are some actions you should definitely sidestep in order to maintain your dignity and achieve a healthy recovery.

Often when someone is going through a breakup, it tends to take priority in their life. All that wasted energy ends up just heightening negative emotions. People tend to focus on their ex, fixating on who they’re going to date, when instead they should really be focusing on how they can move on.

how to win your ex back

In years past, before the internet, some people would wait until nightfall and creep by their ex’s home in order to see who they were with or if they were even home at all. Social media has made it easier than ever to check in on an ex. While for many people this temptation is very strong, use your willpower to avoid cyber stalking and if needed, stay away from Facebook for awhile.

Getting back out in the dating scene is healthy after a breakup, however most experts who offer breakup advice, advise against rebound sex. Rebound sex can actually work to send you running back to your ex. You’ll miss the connection and comfort you experienced in your last relationship and you’ll no doubt find yourself comparing sex with the new person to your ex.

The Positive Aspects Of A Breakup

Regardless of who is responsible for the breakup, a woman tends to shoulder the burden, turning it into something more personal, and this is especially true for older women. Women will notice that all of their friends have settled down, had kids and they’ll wonder “what is wrong with me?” Instead of worrying about the love life of others, you should instead zero in on the positive things in your life and try to remind yourself of what was wrong with the relationship instead of only thinking of the good times. A breakup shouldn’t be viewed as a failure. It’s not easy to be rational during a breakup, but putting a more positive spin on the ending of a relationship can work to bring about closure, faster.

Turn your focus on all of the good stuff in your life, like work and friendships and how supportive your family is, instead of fixating on the negative. Bad relationships can only hold you back, so realistically, you’re much better off with this opportunity for a fresh start. Being single is better than staying in a bad relationship.




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