Common Relationship Issues

All relationships have issues… even really strong ones and the fact of the matter is, it takes a lot of hard work to make things last for the long term. Unmarried or married, there are certain relationship issues that are common to all couples at one point or another during the course of the relationship.

Dealing With Serious Relationship Issues

how to save your marriageIt is said that most people want more of two things: money and sex, but are afraid to discuss both of them in a relationship, especially if the couple is married. Sex can play a very big part in how smoothly a relationship will work. Some of the most common problems with a couple’s sex life can include hectic
or differing work schedules, children in the house, childbirth, physical issues, decaying attraction or an unsatisfying partner. Whatever is the cause behind sexual problems in a marriage, they can usually lead to other problems.

Twenty five percent of married men and seventeen percent of married women have admitted to infidelity at some point in their marriage. There are many reasons why a person will cheat, from simple unhappiness, boredom or sexual dissatisfaction. Whatever the reason, discovering that your partner is sleeping around can be absolutely soul destroying and can severely impact on your self esteem. Even if you do manage to recover from the initial hurt and the massive blow to your sense of security, it can be very hard to completely bounce back to a point where you have trust in the relationship again. Recovering from infidelity can take a lot of time and effort.

Poor communication is also among one of the most common relationship issues. It can put a real strain on a relationship if one or both parties feel like they aren’t being heard. Or maybe you’re simply dealing with a partner who is just hard to talk to. If your only form of communication these days is yelling and fighting, it may be time to get outside help from someone who has experience in helping couples resolve their problems and getting things back on track.  Sometimes having an objective third party can really help you tackle the problems that you are finding too difficult to manage on your own. You can get this help, even when your partner isn’t willing. Someone who is experienced can help you to start saving you relationship on your own, even without your partners co-operation.

Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship

Rekindling the spark you once had during the first few years of your relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you need to increase the amount of sex you have each week. Intimacy can take many forms and after time, a common complaint from women is the lack of attention and affection they receive from their partner. A hug for no reason, a note slipped to your partner before work or even a night at home alone can work to bring you both closer together, allowing you both to reconnect and become the couple you used to be.



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